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Time- & priority-
management without
read more... Mac Bolland
Business Manager, Entheos
expertise Time- & Prioritymanagement

In order to manage your time, it is essential to know what you’re spending it on. Measuring is knowing! Otherwise, how is it possible to know how much time you spend on unexpected matters, for instance, and whether you’re working on the right things?

Based on on-site coachings, we notice that it is indeed possible to save time when one knows what it is spent on. Often, people suddenly notice how ‘little’ they really do. The main benefit of the system is that it is now possible to do something about it!

Keeping logbooks up
to date is easier
than with paper
read more... Nadine Van Hoorde
Supervisor of

Students from the professional secondary education now find it easier to update their logbooks. Before, they had to fill out all details on paper. Now they can access their logbook from everywhere. This is more practical but also more fun for them. And it saves me a lot of time since I can now consult the logbooks every week. I can immediately follow up less meticulous students so that they don’t lag behind. In addition, I can instantly see how much time each student has worked. I recommend this application to all supervisors of apprenticeships.

Easy to get
a free account
and to use it
read more... Roger Meulemans
Managing Partner,
Flanders Engineers

FunkyTime is the right solution for any interim manager and management consultant. It's a very simple management system for keeping track of working hours. No unnecessary customizing, no barbarian “error messages”, no frustrating waiting time, no complex screens, and no annoying manuals to read.

Depending on the number of activities that have to be reported, this only takes a couple of minutes each day. And on a single mouse click, you get a simple but complete report by the end of the month.

Extra insight
for better
read more... Johan D'Haeseleer
Expert Time Management

Whoever aims to achieve better results must first dare to question and adapt their behaviour. But in order to be able to make the right adjustments, feedback is required.

Such feedback is obtained through measurements. That is one of the reasons why each sport has a scoreboard. And what is the scoreboard for how time is spent? In my case, it’s FunkyTime. By measuring time in FunkyTime, I gain extra time.

Our subcontractors
have no excuse anymore
not to fill in their timesheets
read more... Jan Lagast
Managing Partner, Forte

Our subcontractors have no excuse anymore not to fill in their timesheets

Our subcontractors work from home, at our customers’ premises, or in our offices. Whenever they have an Internet connection, they can fill in their timesheets using FunkyTime. It’s fast and easy. No instruction manual is needed. As a result, they have no more excuse not to fill in their timesheets immediately. It’s a big difference for us in terms of administration and follow-up.

I keep a precise track
of when I worked
on which project
read more... Nancy Faut, Business Manager, Lenea

In FunkyTime, I can precisely keep track of when I worked on which project. At the end of the month, I only need to click on one button to print my timesheets for every customer. By adding these timesheets to my invoices, I provide my customers with a clear view of when I executed which tasks for them. This increases their trust in the correctness of my invoice.

The appropriate
fixed price?
read more... Luc Prové
Business Manager, Finsana

As a financial advisor, I work with fixed prices or daily rates. I simply need to keep track of which customer I have worked for on which day. This is extremely quick in FunkyTime. By keeping a closer eye on worked hours and on expenses, I can better assess whether the fixed prices are in line with the work that I am performing. That way, I can suggest modifications if necessary.

Precise interface
and great
read more... Jean-Louis Baltus
CEO, Wizyou

Thanks to its simplicity, FunkyTime combines the usefulness of a precise interface with great user-friendliness. It forces me to work methodically and enables to better meet the working schedules that we establish for our customers. I even ask myself how I managed before it existed…